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Building on the success of the NARAL-NC affiliate of the 1980's and 1990's, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina continues to invest a significant amount of resources to create and strengthen North Carolina’s pro-choice movement.

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina has a rich history in North Carolina, dating back to the mid-1980’s when NARAL-NC worked through the North Carolina’s political and legislative systems to advocate for comprehensive reproductive health policies and to secure reproductive choice for all North Carolinians.

While many Americans felt safeguarded by the election of a pro-choice president in 1992, several NARAL Pro-Choice America affiliates, NARAL-NC included, began to experience a lack of support and were forced to close. In 1997, after years of victories and accomplishments in securing and safeguarding reproductive choice throughout North Carolina, NARAL-NC dissolved.

In December of 2001, recognizing North Carolina’s importance in the battle for reproductive freedom and based on contact with local North Carolinians about their desire to have a local presence, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Inc. and NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation began investing significant resources and support to re-establish a NARAL Pro-Choice America presence in North Carolina.

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina is currently staffed with an Executive Director, a Statewide Organizer.

Melissa Reed is the Executive Director and is responsible for the administrative, financial and programmatic management of the organization. She comes to us with over 15 years of non-profit administration experience as an Executive Director working for women and children's health organizations. Two of the organizations were The Support Network for Battered Women in CA where she was founding member of the Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Council and the Ronald McDonald House in WV where she won an international fundraising award. She has a masters degree in non-profit administration and became a Certified Fund Raising Executive in 1992.

Agnieszka McCort is the Statewide Organizer and is responsible for developing and implementing plans for grassroots organizing and educational outreach. She joins NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina after having worked for Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina as the Assistant Clinic Manager and Durham Crisis Response Center as the Youth Prevention Coordinator. For several years she has been involved in community and political organizing within her local communities, addressing issues ranging from the arts to various human rights campaigns. She has also served on various city government and community committees and non-profit organizations in Durham, NC. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology from UNC Chapel Hill and continually seeks out educational opportunities to connect her to her community.

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