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Founding and Sustaining Members Campaign

Modified: 08/18/2004

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina is dependent upon the support of a small number of people who understand both how difficult and how critically important it is to protect individual rights.

Founding and Sustaining Members Campaign

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina is conducting the Founding and Sustaining Members Campaign for a simple reason: the more money we raise, the greater our ability to educate and motivate large numbers of pro-choice voters in the coming elections and the more likely we are to have a significant impact on the future of choice.

We are asking many of our friends and supporters to join us in our efforts to strengthen NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina’s capacity through our Founding and Sustaining Members Campaign to ensure pro-choice strength throughout North Carolina.

Founding Members pledge to make a financial contribution of $2,500 and up. Sustaining Members pledge support of $1,000 to $2,499.

With the support of Founding and Sustaining Members, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina will educate and mobilize over 10,000 pro-choice voters in the upcoming elections of 2004.

Sustained funding would make it possible to increase our current staff of two to include more full and part-time organizers. We could then reach and organize even more pro-choice individuals while launching issue campaigns in targeted areas and throughout the state.

For more information on becoming a Founding or Sustaining Member please contact Melissa Reed at or 919.829.9779.

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